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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Cheats - 1.13.5-1

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If you are on iOS 9 you MUST use the binary provided. iOS 7 and 8 users are fine, just install and use the hack. If you are on iOS 6... lol

The binary is the file named "familyguy" without the quotes and without an extension.

Take the provided binary and replace it with your game's binary. Set permissions to:

Owner: mobile
Group: mobile

User: read, write, execute
Group: read, write, execute
World: read, write, execute

Have fun!

Download binary


- Free Store


...and yes your game does save.

2. Follow the instructions in README.txt

3. Install with iFile

4. Respring

5. Go into Settings. app and find "Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Cheats"

6. Turn on what you want

7. Enjoy it 





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