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metalstorm cheats Cheats - 1.0.0-6

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-Infinite XP (After completed a mission
-Infinite Credits (After Level up)
-Free Respawn (Pay 0 to respawn after you crashed)
-Infinite Missiles (Let your missiles run down without refilling)
-No WingmanCooldown (No need to wait for wingman refueled)
-No WingmanRequire (No need to start a Mission with wingman)
-No FlurryAds (No explenaition for this one )
-Upgraded Missile (More Missile Damage)
-Upgraded Cannon (More Cannon Damage)
-Speed Hack (Go over 10.000SPD)
-TechUpgrade Mod (All upgrades available)
-Always Reward Available (No mission reward cooldown)
-Techupgrade Mod2 (Go over the upgrade limit!!!)
-90 Coins after first mission (Buy all Wingman With it)
-More offers at Free Coins (No explenaintion at this one too)


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